The Cuevas Story

This is a Build Newcrest legacy challenge that follows some rules and disregards other rules in an attempt to make my second 10 generation story fun and exciting.

Start from the beginning or jump in where you left you off!

Thank you for joining me on yet another crazy challenge.

With love,

Who are the Cuevas’s? Take a look at their family tree, all starting with V in Generation 1!


Crime and violence took over Willow Creek, causing one family to scrap together their last pennies and buy a one-way ticket for their only remaining child, V. The bus dropped her off in Newcrest, a deserted town on the opposite coast from all she knew and loved. With only a backpack full of memories and her cat, Pockets, V is trying to make a new life for herself and forget the heartache she left behind. Will she succeed in not only living in Newcrest, but building it up to be a safe, loving community, or will her own anger at her past and mistrust of others bring with it failure and misery?

Generation One: V Cuevas